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Knee disorders and knee injuries

Can occur at any age (due to growth also in children!).
Athletes often get hurt at the meniscus, the articular cartilage, and above all - since the introduction of high ski boots - the anterior cruciate ligament. Left untreated, these injuries not only cause pain but also to premature abrasion.

From age 60 onwards, almost everyone suffers from knee osteoarthritis.

Awarded the golden book of the Austrian book trade!

More than 200,000 copies sold! 17 editions in the Kneipp Verlag and then licensed issues in the Weltbild-Verlag and the Goldmann Mosaik Verlag in Germany

The medical records of treatment in recent years show a great progress. Since the introduction of osteosynthesis (bone compound with screws and plates) and the arthroscopy, knee injuries are quickly treated well.

In case of cartilage defects it is now possible to grow replacement cartilage, damaged cartilage can be smoothened and new transplantation methods and biological repair techniques allow even complete cure.

This patient guide provides a very detailed overview of traditional and advanced treatment methods of the knee joint, chances of recovery are examined by experienced orthopedic surgeons.

The author:

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 3-901794-57-3

14,90 €

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