Toes so ugly want to hide
after Vitek´s surgery full of pride !

toe shortening

Sometimes people are born with very long toes. The big toe is seldom affected, more often the 2nd and 3rd toe. This is not only unsightly from a cosmetical point of view, but frequently also causes problems when wearing shoes, especially when the big toe is very short.

The solution is to shorten these toes. However, we do not sacrifice important bone and joint parts, but only remove the relatively unimportant bone from the shaft area. As a result, the joints are not affected.

Example I:

Picture 1: Massive overlength of toes 2 and 3 on both sides in patient J (34 years). Pain and shoe pressure problems were omnipresent.

Picture 2: A picture of patient J (34 years) two days after the operation. The patient is already fully mobile. The toes are taped for 7 weeks. Immobilization, or the installation of implants or drill wires is not necessary with this technique.

Picture 3: The same patient J (34 years) 6 weeks after shortening the 2nd and 3rd toe on both sides. All joints were preserved, no implants. The toes are still slightly swollen. No more tapes necessary. Fully mobile in normal shoes. The scars are already barely visible and will fade completely.

Example II:

Left: Long II and III toe on both feet, additionally short big toe and bunion

Right: Very good functioning and cosmetic after straightening the big toes and shortening of the II and III toe on both sides. No joints were sacrificed.

Example III: Even big toes can be too long - but this is rare

Excessive length of the big toe left before and right after correction:


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