Thanks from patients

In August 2023, Ms Silke Kessler wrote the following assessment about her hallux surgery:

It's been four and a half months since my hallux surgery. I am absolutely thrilled, I felt very well looked after right from the start. I can finally walk pain-free again after years, which was so terrible, especially in my job. I would like to thank Dr. Vitek and his entire team once again.

In March 2021, patient S.R. sends a picture of her first steps in high heels 12 weeks after surgery for hallux rigidus (arthrosis, stiff big toe):

The first careful steps 😊 Simply incredible, many thanks❣️

Two patients from Switzerland who had extensive foot correction on the same day write in Feb. 2021:

Dear Dr. Vitek

We can move the big toe very well. The small toe of both cannot be moved, but we are training it every day. No pain, just a feeling of pressure when walking and still swollen. The scars also look very good.
We are very satisfied and will write you a good review and also gladly recommend you. Thank you very much for everything.

Mr D.L writes after percutaneous surgery (by 2-3 mm stitches) of the high calcaneus:

Kind regards, many thanks for your brilliant operation and all the best!

Mrs. Siedl writes by SMS

Dear Dr.Vitek One year is already coming to an end and I would like to thank you as every year for the perfect op of both halux. I am in great shape and I owe it all to you. Peaceful holidays your Berghild Siedl🎄

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Dr. Z. writes on docfinder

An open diabetic wound tortured me for years. Prof. Dr. Vitek made a hallux-valgus operation and the hole closed up. I am eternally grateful to him.

Mrs. S. writes on docfinder

Had an outpatient bilateral hallux surgery in October 2015 (angle < 14°). Dr. Vitek always took enough time for my questions and explained the upcoming surgery in detail. The mood was always positive, friendly and humorous. I always felt understood and well advised. The operation lasted less than an hour and was not serious. You could feel the injections in your feet, but the injection pain was bearable! I got up immediately after the operation and came into a room for observation for another 3 hours. First wound pains appeared about 6 hours after the operation and were - you have to admit it openly - really hellish. Parkemed 500 worked wonders. The 1st night was bad, on the 3rd day I was largely painless. 2. week I could walk well with crutches, 3. week after the operation I went to work already (walking slowly without crutches and with legs up in the office). My feet were completely pain-free (even under stress) and free of restrictions as early as December. The incisions on both feet are almost 7 cm long and hardly visible. The result is wonderful, Dr. Vitek can only warmly recommend it!

Pat. B. writes on docfinder


Subjective report from a registered user from 03.05.2015

Can Dr. Vitek highly recommend, the bilateral hallux surgery went very well. After a few weeks I was able to put full weight on my feet again and in the meantime I was able to jog or play tennis without pain.

Mrs. Zehetgruber writes on docfinder

Fully satisfied

Subjective report by azecherl of 26.04.2015

After a failed arthodesis with another doctor, with Prof. Vitek, I felt that I had been correctly treated immediately. The new operation went very well and I was finally free of pain again the next day after a long time and after a few weeks I was back on my feet. I can only recommend this doctor and his team. Many thanks 


March 2014 Mrs. Paola Cairo writes from italy per email:

Madam, Mister,

I'm Paola and I was surgery by Dr. Vitek in 2009 and all is very good.

For many friends of mine, I would know if Dr. Vitek works also in Italy or in Luxembourg.

Thanks a lot for your reply

Best regards


Paola Cairo

Now I can enjoy life again

Mrs Berghild Siedl copied the x-rays of her operated feet into a picture postcard of a winter wonderland.

Now I can enjoy life again. Thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 to you and your team.

Berghild Siedl

Own composed champagne label

Ms G.F.K. has taken the trouble to design a champagne bottle label: Besides radiographs of her feet before and after the surgery she has also included a picture of me.

The text reads:

Dear Dr. Prim. Prof. Michael Vitek, a big thank you for the technically competent and compassionate "restoration" of both my feet.

Yours G.F.K

Duck feet no more

Ms. M.J. writes:

Duck feet no more.

With a sincere thank you for the accomplished work of art on my feet.

....... for the friendly and competent support on the phone.

The feet of Ms. M.J. before surgery and right after the surgery.

Ms. Maria Hintermayer writes

"I am a once bitten by bunion surgery and the resulting, pronounced deformation of the foot. Then in my desperation I had the good fortune of getting into the hands of Prof. Dr. Vitek, one very competent in this area. After a very detailed and comprehensive briefing the operation was carried out accurately and painlessly. Even then I had no problems at all. Now already 4 weeks have passed and I already wear normal shoes. I'm very, very happy!"

Left: Mrs. Maria Hintermayers feet after a highly unsuccessful forefoot surgery elsewhere.

Middle: 4 weeks after our repair operation, wearing normal shoes is already possible.

Right: After 3 months, fully functional and beautiful feet, high heels can be worn.

Mr. Karl H. says: "What have you done to me?"

Mr. Karl H rushes in at a very fast pace into the ordination. 6 months ago we gave him a cementless endoprosthesis of the ankle (artificial ankle), after a massive osteoarthritis ( joint destruction by wear a fracture) had made walking increasingly painful and arduous.

Mr. H. Says,

"What have you done to me? Madness! The physical therapists and all others in the therapy were enthusiastic about my surgery. They have not seen anything like this before, and how fast I could walk again, and how easily I can move my joint. All this, moreover, considering the destruction that I had before! Unbelievable, I 'm excited. It is wonderful to be able to walk without pain again."

Pictures from the patient:

Severe destruction of the ankle joint with complete wear of the sliding layer (cartilage ) and massive deposits of bone in the form of bars and spurs.

Unrounding and partial dislocation of the talus. No more mobility in the ankle and strong pain during rest and stress.

The sliding surfaces have been replaced by an endoprosthesis.

VIDEO: Almost free and balanced mobility of the upper ankle 6 months after surgery. Completely normal walking is possible since 3 months.

Ingrid Niederschick writes from Salzburg via email

Dear Mr . Dr. Vitek!

Over 2 years ago I was in the best hands when i came to you ( hallux surgery - both Feet !) Thank you again! I can finally wear open shoes and am very happy!

Now I turn to you with another problem:

I have huge pain in the right cervical region and on the right clavicle a " sort of ganglion". Ultrasound and MRI were performed , and I already have quite a number of physiotherapy appointments behind me ...

Who should I contact? Do you have any advice for me?

Sincerely yours,

Ingrid Niederschick

Pictures from the patient:

The feet of Ms. Niederschick were operated elsewhere several times without any success. The previous operations led to almost grotesque toe deformities with massive reductions and variations and a " functional amputation " of the II and III toe.

After straightening of the big toe , extension , and straightening of the toes II and III and shortening and straightening of the IV toe, the result is cosmetically and functionally to the satisfaction of the patient, and permanent.

Brigitta Roenig aus Wien writes per email:

Dear Dr. Vitek,

I have spoken with a friend over the hallux surgery and also had a look at your HP . I am very pleased that the ordination video of me is still there :)

I'm doing hallux-wise - and otherwise - still great! The feet have not changed again, it never hurts and I can wear all the fancy high-heels ! To you I'm eternally grateful!

All the best,

Brigitta Roenig

Ms Roenig's feet can be admired in the video on the website

Finally pain-free walking

Ms I.G. from Laa an der Thaya had a solidly permeated splay and could barely walk , regardless of which shoes she used. Her beloved hiking was not thinkable.

The deviation of the big toe did not bother as much as the painful callus with ulcer on the sole of the foot.

We corrected the forefoot, put her toes in a row and relieved the permeated splay. The callus and the ulcer disappeared after surgery and did not come back.

Ms I.G. sends a thank you-postcard from the Lienz Dolomites, where she spent a holiday hiking 6 months after surgery.

She writes:

Dear Professor

It is a blessing to be able to walk again without any pain. Thank you! Warm holiday greetings!

I.G. from Laa / Thaya

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