"New techniques in foot surgery - the v-tek system"

Michael Vitek presents for the first time innovative techniques of the drill-wire-free forefoot surgery, that modify the previous methods based on new implants.

The stability of the V-tek screws and V-tek plates have been shown to promote rapid bone healing. Using numerous case studies and over 500 images and radiographs, the author describes the application of the implants.

A variety of indications show there are clear advantages compared to conventional techniques:

  • Instantly durable, stable and shortening-free basic osteotomy and Lapidus arthrodesis
  • Consistent, easy to be carried out and joint-preserving system for all forms of hallux with three different intramedullary locking plates
  • Waiver of K-wires in the hammer toe treatment
  • Minimal incision and safe correction in a minimally invasive hallux valgus and Tailor's-bunion surgery
  • Cartilage preserving metatarsal osteotomy instead of a Weil-surgery

The book is presented here with the new techniques to facilitate the surgeon interventions in the forefoot and allows the patient a faster, safer treatment and rehabilitation.

The accompanying DVD explains all the individual operation steps in most precise manner. The observer get here a training material by DVD, which immediately enables him to appropriate interventions not only to understand, also implement it themselves .


  • Dr. Michael Vitek Prof inv. UAG (Universidad Autonoma Guadalajara Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico)
  • ISBN: 978-3-936072-98-3