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March 2023: Internationally staffed course "Hallux Surgery (R)Evolution - Open vs. Mini Invasive" in Lisbon

"Astrolabe" writes on its website:  Our course "Hallux Surgery (R)Evolution - Open vs. Mini Invasive", organized in collaboration with the Department of Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, was a success! 

Congratulations to the professor, Dr. Michael Vitek, for his remarkable work! Thank you to all the participants who attended the course and had the opportunity to learn more about our solutions.

And a special thanks to our partners, MadTrauma and Medical Euro, who support our work and aspire to restore life and mobility! 

December 2019: International Symposium for foot surgery, Munich

Photo 1 and photo 2: Last year foot surgeons congress in Munich: Michael Vitek explains the concept of his Hallux method (V-tek) to interested foot specialists at the Delos stand. Exciting discussions develop. 

Photo 3: At the end of the day at the bar: The "rascals" are obviously in a good mood. The international foot experts Markus Preiß (Wiesbaden) , Chris Blundell (Sheffield) and Alex Sikorski (Rheinbach) from left to right obviously like the beer better, Vitek more the red wine.

Left: Prof. Vitek explains foot surgery , Vienna, foot courses

Middle: With Alex Sikorsky and Bulgarian colleague in Heidelberg

Right: Virginia Vitek with the top foot surgeons Springfeld, Zwipp and Stainsby, in the background Roland Woerner , CEO (together with Uwe Pech) of the company Normed, D-day, Heidelberg

Left: In the operating theatre of the center for outpatient foot surgery in Vienna, interested spectators during a live operation.

Center and right: The operating theatreof the Prague University Hospital during a course . The live image was transferred to the lecture hall, and then questions were asked by colleagues and answered by me during surgery.

Left: Foot conference in Munich, Austria meets Spain and Bavaria (left to right).

Center and right: Live surgery during a course in Tuttlingen , participants directly in the operating room and by video transmission in the lecture hall .

Left: In Tuttlingen

Middle: first V-tek foot course in Vienna with Prof. Vincent Hetherington

Right: The Institute of Anatomy, University of Vienna during surgery exercises .

Left: In front of the Airlangga University in Surabaya , Indonesia, for the first Indonesian foot surgery course, as the only lecturer

Middle: During the subsequent workshop there were 60 participants from all parts of the vast country. Some traveled six hours by plane. Since too little surgical hooks were present, the inventive Indonesians had dinner forks bent into shape. The enthusiasm was tremendous , as nowhere else. The heat also.

Right: Invited to a lecture at the Turkish foot conference.

Left: With two Turkish and one German podiatrists

Middle: Meeting of the operators of the V-tek methods in Weinberg near Stuttgart

Right: Foot surgery workshop with podiatrists in London

Left: Invited as a speaker at the Dutch orthopedic conference in Groningen, the usual transport

Middle: Foot surgeons conference in Grantham , England

Right: A few advertisements in the hotel during the foot seminary in Ohio, USA

Left: Speakers of the conference in Ohio

Middle: In the following workshop at the College of Podiatric Medicine , Prof. Vitek shows his surgical methods that are practiced by the participants on a corpse

Right: The College of Podiatric Medicine

Left: Prof. Vitek performing surgery

Middle: The participants see all OPs step by step, before they begin

Right: Then the celebration. This bar in the special bus rolls through the town to the restaurant

Left: Virginia in the operating room in Tirana, Albania

Middle: At the Normed-stand the moods are bright. Foot conference in Carillo , Argentina

Right: flight from Moscow to Tomsk , Siberia. Glad to have survived

Left: The Spartanian OP of the giant hospital in Tomsk, Russia

Middle: No joke : With this sterilized Black & Decker machine I operated on people . The only bad part was the heated oil that became too thin and splashed all over the OP.

Right: In the evening with the hospital director Prof. Karlov and Prof. Felderhoff, hand surgeon from Germany

Left: In Tomsk with Virginia and Karlov's secretary, we called her the "short-stepping Dragon"

Middle: Beautiful wooden houses as the (only) interesting view in Tomsk

Right: The Russian colleagues on a visit to Vienna with my staff

At the Salzburg Schlafgesprächen in the Mozarteum as one of the four invited experts .

Left and center: The moderator Prof. Hademar Bankhofer.

Right: Prof. Huber and experts in the television recording.