Dr. Vitek's ideas and implants are copied and replicated many times!

An internet search in March 2021 revealed that 14 companies worldwide imitate Michael Vitek's ideas and implants or even copy them 1:1 and pass them off as their own pioneering concepts. These companies always cooperate with doctors who support them in stealing ideas.
Dr. Vitek's V-tek systems are apparently so good that they serve as a basis for replicas.
Unfortunately, however, most of these companies that produce these imitations do not recognise the real subtleties of the V-tek system and make crucial mistakes in their concepts.

One of many mistakes should be mentioned at this point: All types and degrees of hallux are treated with a single implant, which is far from sufficient, as there are many forms of hallux. The original V-tek, on the other hand, uses 5 different surgical techniques with 4 different implant families. This means that only with V-tek can all conceivable hallux shapes be ideally corrected.

Conversely, despite the patents that the V-tek systems have, the imitators cannot be legally prosecuted because this would cost enormous sums in every single country, which neither the company that produces the V-tek systems Normed/Astrolabe nor the inventor Michael Vitek can afford.