Metatarsus Fractures

Fractures and ligament injuries usually occur in the metatarsal by indirect force.

Since the ligaments of tarsal bones are very strong, it usually concerns combined injuries where ligaments are torn, as well as bones fractured. The role of the surgeon is to reconstruct as anatomically as possible the bones and ligaments after prior extensive diagnosis using X-ray, computed tomography and possibly magnetic resonance.

If anatomical reconstruction is not completed, lasting damage to the complex foot construction is to be expected, which can lead to painful and functional disability.


Left: fracture of the base of the first metatarsal and rupture of the ligament between the first metatarsal and the tarsal and the second metatarsal (Lisfranc).

Right: reconstruction and screwing

Further example:

Left: fracture of the base of the fifth metatarsal (arrows).

Right: osteosynthesis (bone mount) with a wire structure (tension band), can also be done with screws.