"Help with foot pain"

Being a well-informed patient, will not only help your doctor in treating your symptoms, but will also help you recover quickly.

In addition to many other organs and body parts, the "complex" organ of the foot is directly involved in walking. However, various diseases of the foot can disturb the walking massively. Conversely, a disturbed gait can lead to an incorrect loading of different foot parts and also to disturbance and subsequent illness and pain in the higher-lying body parts. Knees, hips and even the spine up to the neck may be affected by bad feet and a poor gait and can be pulled "into the disease."

This patient guide explains clearly and vividly not only the anatomical structure and the normal function of the foot, but also the emergence of malformations and deformities and the resulting diseases (such as "ganglion", bunion (hallux valgus), hammer and claw toes, splay, heel spurs, ankle arthritis, foot deformities, such as clubfoot, flatfoot, etc., frequent injuries such as ankle fractures, tear of the Achilles tendon, etc.). Conservative and surgical treatment options and the chances of recovery are assessed from the perspective of experienced orthopedic surgeons.

Since many patients require orthopedic shoe inserts to improve their gait (they wear their normal shoes), the form and function of the inserts are explained. Likewise, the role and function of orthopedic shoes are clearly illustrated.


  • Dr. Michael Vitek Prof inv. UAG (Universidad Autonoma Guadalajara Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico)
  • ISBN: 3-7088-0374-4
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