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Morton Neurom

Nerve tissue tolerates neither pressure nor friction. The so-called Morton neuroma is caused by compression and / or friction in the passage between the metatarsal heads. The heels cause pressure from below and a thick ligament that connects the metatarsal heads from above (ligament deep transverse metatarsal).

Especially vulnerable are those feet, where the metatarsal heads II and III or III and IV are particularly close. A lot of pressure is caused especially on the toe nerve. The symptoms are pain and numbness in the affected toe (usually the II and III toe, or the III and IV toe). Typically, the patients experience immediate pain relief if they take off their shoes, be it middle of the road.

The diagnosis is made by the clinical, physical examination. An MRI frequently shows false negative results and is therefore not purposeful!


Conservatively, infiltrations can bring a great relief, sometimes even lasting success. Furthermore insoles are important. On a supplementary basis physical treatments can be provided.

Should this not work, then the neuroma(the ganglion) is surgically removed.


The pain almost always goes away. Sometimes some numbness in the affected toes (II / III or III / IV) may remain for a short while, rarely for long

Morton Neurom

Removal of a Morton neuroma between the III and IV metatarsal


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