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Books about orthopedics and orthopedic surgery

Here you will find an overview of my previously published reference books:


Awarded the golden book of the Austrian book trade!

"Knee disorders and knee injuries"

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 3-901794-57-3
14,90 €

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Intervertebral discs

"When the discs cause problems"

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 3-902191-68-6
EUR 14,90

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Foot pain

"Help with foot pain"

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 3-7088-0374-4
EUR 15,80

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The anti-arthritis programm

"The anti-arthritis programm"

Professor Michael Vitek

ISBN: 978-3-7088-0419-4
EUR 14,90

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The v-tek system

"New techniques in foot surgery. The v-tek system"

Michael Vitek Dr. Prof inv. UAG
(Universidad Autonoma Guadalajara Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico)

ISBN 978-3-936072-98-3

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The book "knee disorders and knee injuries" was awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004 with the Golden Book .
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