Foot center in the OZ of the private clinic döbling

Private patients from Austria and abroad are examined directly in the private clinic Dobling and treated or operated immediately if needed.

The Foot centre offers clinical and also every possible checkup in collaboration with the diagnostic center of the private clinic Döbling.

The head of the Foot centre Michael Vitek Dr. Prof inv. UAG has been a renowned podiatrist for 25 years and has more than a wealth of experience in the conservative and surgical treatment of all foot problems imaginable. Other areas of expertise of Prof. Vitek are treatments of the knee joint, cartilage and osteoarthritis as well as joint preserving and joint replacement operations (more information).

Since 2005, he has successfully used self-developed methods of surgery and implants in forefoot surgery on hundreds of patients at home and abroad. About the techniques, methods and the resulting large progress for patients, please refer to the website.


Checkup appointments in the Foot Centre in the OZ of the private clinic Döbling, 1190 Vienna, Heiligenstädterstrasse 46-48 (opposite to the private clinic Dobling) can be arranged either by phone: +43 1 360 66 8000 or

Ordination: Wednesday 9.00 am - 11.00 am and by appointment

Please pay € 195.- cash.