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Opinions of international Experts about the V-tek Method

Dr. Magin, Munich

Dr. Magin has a excellent and long time expertise in foot surgery. He utilised the Stoffella technique for a time and switched some years ago to V-tek Technique.

He writes at his homepage: 

"The V-tek operation was introcuced by Dr. Michael Vitek. It is an improvement of the innovative Stoffella Technique.

The very tissue-preserving V-tek method makes a corection of both feet at the same time possible. The feet can be fully loaded immediately after the surgery. The Technique was introduced by Dr. Michael Vitek.  

After older methods patients had to unload the operated feet or walked on crutches or had to wear casts. Now with the modern methods, patients can walk right after the operation with full loading of the operated feet and both feet can be operated at the same time. This brings the patients back to work and sports much earlier.  The "trick" is, not to use a wire but a very stable plate, which is brought into the bone. Together with angle stable screws the result is a very stable fixation."

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Dr. Braumandl, Landshut

Orthopaedics Landshut:

"Dr. Braumandl is specialised on the very tissue preserving V-tek technique which is a further development (improvement) of the Stoffella operation. 

Dr. Braumandl is a specialist in the new technique. Patients, operated with the older techniques had to unload the feet for weeks, or walked with speacial shoes or casts. Now this modern technique allows an immediate ambulating without problems. The feet can be fully loaded."

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Dr. Niemeier, Barßel

"With the V-tek System developed by the Viennese Footsurgeon Dr. Michael Vitek it is not only possible to correct a severe Hallux valgus but also the deformities at the small toes. In small toes tiny screws are used. The operated feet can be fully loaded immediately. Wires make a special shoe necessary, they are used only in unusual cases. All these procedures can be operated also under local anaesthesia."  

Dr. Dietmar Kowertz

writes in a patient information on

"The newest very tissue preserving surgery technique for the hallux valgus called V-tek, puts a highly stable Titanium plate inside the bone. The plate is lockes by screws. The plate and screws are not removed, they can stay in the bone. The joint function is preserved and the patient can ambulate immediatly after surgery with full loading and without pain."  

Footcenter Daldosch Vienna

New operation methods for hammertoes and clawtoes:

"Dr. Michael Vitek developed years ago a new technique for the operative correction of hammertoes and clawtoes. The main difference to the other techniques is the increased comfort for the patient. There is no use of wires, which stick out of the toes. Due to the use of hightech materials like Titanium implants the feet can be loaded immediately after surgery. Compression-screws can absorb the high pulling forces of the tendons an lead to a good fitting of the osteosynthesis partners."